Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

Person that needs Dallas Traffic Ticket AttorneyIt’s happened to us all. You are driving along the road when the flash of a cop car comes up in your rearview mirror. If you find yourself in need of a traffic ticket attorney, I am here to help you. Our traffic ticket lawyer in Dallas, TX, is available to work with you for any type of class C traffic ticket citation. Consult our Dallas Attorney at the Law Office of Martin J. Rubin to learn more about our procedures to assist you with your ticket.

Do You Need a Traffic Lawyer?

We all make mistakes while we drive. We also make mistakes when we miss deadlines on responding to tickets and by just paying the fine. When the rules of the road have left you with a traffic ticket, I am available to help you through the defense process. I will go over your options with you so that you make an informed decision about what steps you should take and will post attorney bonds for you to lift warrants. I will also use our best efforts to convince Judges to remove holds on your driver’s license.

While the road are important to follow, in many situations receiving a traffic ticket comes with severe penalties including fines and court costs, points, surcharges, the suspension of your driver’s license and the loss of your employment. No matter what type of ticket you received, our traffic ticket defense attorney will use his best efforts to keep the ticket off of your driving record. I have a full understanding of the Texas Transportation Code and I use this expertise to help you with the representation of your citation. I work with CDL drivers and individuals charged with speeding offenses in a construction zone with workers present.

Traffic Ticket Defense for Any Charge

DO NOT let a ticket cause you to lose your license. Our traffic ticket attorney offers a full series of services for those facing all traffic tickets. I am also available to serve as your criminal defense attorney if the situation calls for it. Meet with us for the proper defense for any of the following:

  • Cell Phone Offenses in School Zones
  • DWLI (Driving While License Invalid)
  • Fail to Signal Lane Change
  • FTA
  • FYROW (Failure to Yield Right of Way)
  • Improper Turn
  • Inspection
  • No Driver’s License
  • No Insurance (FMFR)
  • Pass School Bus
  • Ran Red Light
  • Ran Stop Sign
  • Registration
  • Speeding
  • Speeding in Construction Zone with Workers Present
  • Speeding in a School Zone
  • Violate Promise to Appear (VPTA)
  • Over-Weight Offenses

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Contesting Your Traffic Ticket

Whether you are driving to work, home, or to another location, it is important that you stay focused on the road at all times. However, I understand, the police officer who issued you your ticket may have been wrong. Martin J. Rubin will review the State’s complaint and will use his best efforts to request dismissal for faulty complaints. Martin J. Rubin will appear with you at Court. Like all criminal cases, the State has the burden to prove their case to a jury. Their burden is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I will cross examine the State’s witness not only about the driving facts, ut also about the reliability of the devices used by the police including radar and LIDAR, the zoning and the signage. The constitutional presumption is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Martin J. Rubin will use his best efforts to keep the ticket from showing up on your driving record and to keep your insurance rates from skyrocketing. The law firm offers services for violations occurring throughout Texas, including in the following areas:

  • Collin County
  • Dallas County
  • Denton County
  • Ellis County
  • Kaufman County
  • Tarrant County

The law firm also handles other Class C misdemeanor cases in the Justice of the Peace Court, Municipal Court and the County Criminal Courts of Appeal. Our dedicated attorney will handle class C assaults, public intoxication, theft, housing violations, restaurant violations and commercial vehicle violations. Martin J Rubin can assist you with a suspension hearing of your driver’s license and in obtaining an occupational driver’s license.

Although, we can never guaranty the outcome of your case our law firm will always use our best efforts to beat your traffic ticket or to minimize punishment. Martin J. Rubin has been successful in handling more than 200,000 cases during the last 4 decades.

Occupational Driver’s License Attorney

Suspended LicenseIf your license has been suspended because of surcharges, ALR/SOAH hearing rulings, driving while license invalid, conviction for DWI or drug charges call the Law Offices of Martin J. Rubin for an occupational driver’s license also called an essential need license.

The occupational license will authorize you to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle.

Martin J. Rubin has been successful for decades in assisting his clients in obtaining this provisional license that allows citizens to drive even when the State of Texas has suspended the client’s license. These petitions can now be filed depending on the reasons for suspension in Justice of the Peace Courts, County Courts, County Criminal Courts and District Courts.

Our legal fees are reasonable and start at $500 plus court costs. Our client’s must pay the Department of Public Safety fees of $10.00 for one year or $20.00 for a two year provisional license, which is the maximum time period allowed for the license. Our client must also obtain an SR22, a certified driving record and a deep lung device, if ordered. The new license for clients who have lost their license for a class B misdemeanor DWI can obtain a provisional license without the normal restrictions except for the requirement of the installation of a deep lung device in their motor vehicle.

Martin J. Rubin will use his best efforts to obtain your occupational driver’s license without specific hours and with the right to drive all over the State of Texas in connection with your:

  1. Work,
  2. School-related activities. and
  3. Performance of essential household duties.

The case will filed  in the county where you live or to the court of original jurisdiction where your criminal offense occurred.

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If the Court determines that you are eligible for an occupational license, then a court order will be issued. In many courts the Judge will also ask the State Prosecutor for the County to review documents so that their position can be submitted to the Judge. We usually draft the order for the Court so that the order includes the entire State for driving privileges and the right to use a log with 12 hours to drive rather than specific hours. We will give you a copy of the court order that can be used to drive for 45 days from the date the Judge signs the order. Afterwards the Department of Public Safety will send you the hard copy of the license.

Waiting Periods

An occupational license is issued once the request is processed unless one of the following situations applies:

  • The individual’s driver license was previously suspended as a result of an alcohol- or drug-related offense then there is a 90-day waiting period.
  • The individual’s driver license was in suspension as a result of an intoxication-related conviction then there is a 180-day waiting period.
  • There are at least two administrative license revocations on the individual’s driver record then a mandatory one-year waiting period applies.

Our attorney will use his best efforts to obtain the occupational license as swiftly as possible so that you can go back to supporting your family and taking care of your loved ones.

Contact our traffic ticket attorney today to speak with him about your service needs. At our firm, our traffic lawyer works with clients throughout Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, and Tarrant counties.